PNC ActivePay Program
- Enrollment Form -

Central Michigan University (CMU) has initiated a payment program called PNC ActivePay to increase process efficiency and payment timeliness by using a VISA card account to pay its vendors. There are two options for accepting payments in this manner :

Option 1:
You initiate taking the payment. Provide a point of contact within your organization who will be able to keep our VISA account number on file. Upon receipt of an email remittance advice, you will be authorized to charge the VISA card in the same manner as you would process credit card transactions.

Option 2:
If you are unable to keep the card information on file, a representative from the Payable Accounting Office will contact you requesting payment via a VISA card as payments are due.

Benefits of ActivePay Payments:

  • Potential for payment acceleration
  • Eliminates the processing of paper checks
  • Reduction of mail and security problems associated with paper check handling
  • Eliminates mail delays and provides for greater payment certainty for cash planning
  • Provides the vendor with an e-mail advice reflecting the invoices being paid and the funds being transferred

To Enroll :  Just fill-in the form below and click on the 'Submit' button.

Vendor Name :
Contact Person :   Phone :
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Payment Choice:Option 1    Option 2

Questions :

Should you have any questions, or need help after enrollment, please do not hesitate to contact CMU's Payable Accounting Office at (989) 774-3523.