Central Michigan University
Concierge / Real Estate Evaluation Form

Please fill one form out for each agency you worked with.


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Agency Contacted    
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The agencies have all agreed to provide the following services at your request. Please indicate with a check mark if these services were offered or utilized.
1. Contact candidate to confirm interview date and assist with travel and hotel arrangements, if needed.
2. Greet candidate upon arrival in Mt. Pleasant and schedule initial orientation tour date and time.
3. Provide tour of CMU campus, local points of interest-schools, hospital, library etc. and offer to
arrange appointments with other service professionals such as mortgage representatives, local
school official or health care providers.
4. Provide a relocation packet to include documents relating to CMU and local businesses.
5. Assist with home selling process and arrangements for household goods move.
6. Assist with temporary housing search if needed.
7. Further identify new faulty/staff member’s needs and wants in housing. View homes for sale, rental
homes as appropriate.
8. Schedule meeting with a mortgage company and other local service professionals as requested.
9. Assist with securing interim financing, if necessary.
10. Represent the new faculty/staff member on all offer negotiations .
11. Handle all follow up upon contract acceptance such as mortgage title and inspection procedures.
12. Assist with moving of household goods. Advise new faculty/staff regarding utility transfers, change of
address procedures and offer assistance with any desired repairs of new home prior to occupancy.
13. Were you satisfied with your experience with your agency and agent?
  Not Satisfied         Quite Satisfied         Satisfied         Very Satisfied  
14. Would you recommend this agency and agent to your friends and family?
  Yes         No  

Please provide us with any feedback you feel will be helpful in assuring we provide the best possible service to our employees. Let us know of any additional services you would like to see.