Solicitation/Fund-Raising Petition

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For Other Than Registered Student Organizations
Important: Application for a permit for Commercial Solicitation and Sales must be filed NOT LESS THAN FIVE (5) working days prior to start of the activity. Detailed information will be sent to you via Email upon submitting this Solicitation/Fund-Raising Petition Form.
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Name of Organization:
Use of Funds Raised: Time:
Specific Date and Time of Activity: AM
Place of Activity: If other, please specify:
Contact Person: Business Phone: Fax Number:
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Detailed Description of Item to be Sold: Detailed Description of Activity:
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Insurance: Hold Harmless language for Fund-Raising/Commercial Solicitations

Individuals and/or companies who want to do fund-raising and/or commercial solicitation on CMU's campus may be required to provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage. The determination of adequate insurance coverage is solely at the discretion of CMU. Evidence of this insurance coverage may be required prior to CMU approving this request for fund-raising or commercial solicitation on campus.
CMU will indemnify, defend and hold harmless you and/or your organization from claims arising from the acts and omissions of CMU, its agents and employees.
You and/or your organization shall indemnify, defend and hold CMU harmless from any and all claims arising from your acts and omissions and/or those of your organization, its agents and employees.
You and/or your organization also certify that it will comply with all applicable provisions of local, state, and federal law in the conduct of the activity, including the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, the Michigan Civil Rights Act, and when applicable, the Michigan Home Solicitation Sales Act.
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